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  Farmers Markets

Welcome to my site for farmers markets sponsored by Lucie's Organic Store. I have created this site to help you when you want to binomo broker These markets are great for local business such as producers and processors, helping to get great organic food to the general public. The benefits for both communities and the environment are great. There is a very large variety of fresh produce UK available at your local farmers market and this will also vary from season to season, and location to location.

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Here are some of the main products you will get from a farmers market:

  • Fresh vegetables
  • Fresh fruit
  • Fresh meat
  • Fresh eggs
  • Fresh bread & cakes
  • Fresh fruit juices
  • Fresh jams and pickles
  • Fresh dairy produce
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What is a Farmer's Market?

A place or venue that local farmers and producers of food (that use local ingredients) can sell their produce and products directly to you - the general public. There are approx 450 farmers markets in the country, and there are certain rules that real farmers markets have to follow, these are:

All producers must sell their on produce, everything they produce they must sell themselves. The stall-holder must be the person who has grown, reared or produced these products, or a family member that is directly involved in the production.

All produce must be local. On average the products must be grow, reared or produced within 30 miles. You the buyer has complete freedom to ask questions about the product you are buying or are thinking of buying. The stall-holder will have all the answers because they have produced what they are selling.

Buying Local Food and Save the Planet!

There is an environmental cost to transporting food around the country. Most people think that if they buy British food this is good enough, however if people changed to buying goods that are locally produced they would save approx. £2.1 billion pounds per year in congestion and environmental costs!

Enjoy picking your own! - Farmers markets are a great and enjoyable way of picking your own local fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, diary and much more.


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